My Teaching Experiences...


    In the fall of 2003 I started helping out with a fourth grade class.  Actually it is two fourth grade classes since the two teachers team teach.  They are the only two in this school that team teach and I had never been part of team teaching so I found this very neat.  I was so lucky to be put in their class.  These two are the most wonderful teachers I have ever met.  They enjoy their job, make learning fun, care about every student in their class and getting to know them outside of the classroom; are funny and two of the best people I have ever met.  I had some good experiences and some embarrassing experiences.  

    One day I had to teach a Social Studies lessons.  I was supposed to teach about the first Thanksgiving.  I took a tape home on the night before to watch.  The next day I was supposed to put the tape in the v.c.r. and start teaching my part.  Instead of the first Thanksgiving it was Sesame Street.  It was one of those times I wanted to fall through the floor.  The teacher I was working under was a good sport.  He saw the humor in it while I was dieing of embarrassment. 

    I worked with a total of 37 students.  I had so much fun.  They would come up and give me hugs when I first got there and tell me stories about things they had done before I got there.  Its amazing to hear what a nine year old can tell you.  We played games so they could learn their multiplication and division facts.  One day the fourth grade got in to a multiplication war with sixth grade.  Fourth grade won all six times.  I was so proud of them as was their regular teacher.  I was so lucky to work with the group I worked with because they had an amazing teacher and I learned a lot from him and from the class.

    My last day there before Christmas break they gave me a party.  We went to wash our hands and I was asked to take them to the cafeteria.  Almost everyone asked what we were doing and I told them I had no idea.  We walked in there and got seated and when I had my back toward them I heard "SURPRISE'' echo through the cafeteria.  I turned around to see the biggest cookie cake ever.  We ate the cake and had milk then one by one they handed me a card they made and a gift.  On one side would be a picture and on the other a little note.  I have all these cards put up and they are something I will keep forever.  To my surprise they had known about this for almost two weeks.  How in the world thirty-seven children kept this a secret from me I will never know.  As many students as I teach in the upcoming years I will never forget these because they were my first class.  I never knew all the hard work there was to being a teacher.  I thought it was easy to get up in front of a class and talk but I never knew about all the paper work and preparation.  I must say it is a very rewarding job. 

    I haven't went back for this semester as I am waiting to get a schedule for my youngest son for his speech therapy.  As soon as I get back I will post more fun stories. 

    I have went back to school and have worked with a third grade class the last two days.  Today (1/30/04) some of my previous fourth grade buddies came up and gave me a hug.  The teacher said we will have to get my schedule worked out so I can have third and fourth grade classes.  I am so excited to work with my fourth graders.  I got too attached to them.  I guess that is because they were my first class ever.  We have went through a lot together.  Mostly my embarrassing mess-ups but also helping the students who were behind to catch up and to lend an ear to a child that needed a friend.  These guys are the students I will probably remember the most.  Well guys, get ready because here I come!!!