Maggie girl came to us on July 21, 2004 at two years old.  She was really really spoiled.  Things had to be her way.  She was smart though.  She checked out her new home and let me know by growling at the door she had to go out.  She could sit and shake.  Now she knocks on the door, or rather beats on it.  She thinks she is one of the kids...only she is the mature kid.  She has to be under covers even though she sounds like she is having a heat stroke.  She has her special spot on the couch and every now and then we can con her to get into her doggy bed.  She is just a laid back pug.  She don't care what happens to her.  Magz had to have all the attention but now she is just content sitting back and watching everything around her.  Usually when the camera is out she is ready for a pose.   


This is Maggie coming through the tunnel

And this is Maggie smiling that she made it through all by herself!!!



I am trying to shower here!  GET OUT!!!

Maggie and her baby sister!